1. Compliance

    By registering on the forum, the user agrees to the generally accepted rules, undertakes to comply with the requirements of the community and the laws of the country in which he is located.

  2. Account manipulations

    To maintain a fair and open forum environment, the creation of multiple accounts by the same user is strictly prohibited. This rule helps to ensure clarity and identifiability of forum members, and prevents possible abuse and multiple violations of the rules by a single person. We value constructive dialog and interaction based on honesty and respect for other forum members.

    You are also prohibited from transferring or selling your account to third parties. This means that you may not share access to your account, including your username and password, with any third party. If you attempt to do so, or if such a transfer is discovered, your account will be immediately locked without warning.

    Violation of this rule is considered one of the most serious, as the transfer of accounts can lead to various frauds and abuses. We strongly encourage you to be strict with your account and not share it with anyone else to ensure a safe and honest forum experience for all members.

  3. Resource/materials drain

    Activities that involve leaking, selling, transferring or reselling material, forum resources or information to third parties or projects with similar themes are prohibited. This rule applies to cases where the person making the transfer does not own the copyright to the material. We encourage honesty and respect for the intellectual property of our community users and prohibit the leaking or transfer of forum resources without proper permissions and rights.

General Terms
  1. Forum

    It's a place for people to socialize and argue about various topics in life. In this case it is the CSDevs project!

  2. Thread

    A user's post that he/she publishes in a certain section. It can be seen by other people and they can leave comments there.

  3. Account

    An account that allows a user to interact with the community on a given forum. Creating an account is usually required to participate in discussions, post messages, follow threads, and access various forum features.

  4. Forum User

    A person who is registered on a forum and has an account that allows them to interact with the community and participate in discussions on this forum.

  5. Nickname

    This is a unique name or nickname that the user chooses when registering for the forum. This nickname will be used to identify the user and show their participation in forum discussions and comments.

  6. Forum Staff

    One or more users responsible for managing, maintaining and moderating the forum. This team ensures the proper functioning and security of the forum, and ensures that the rules and standards of behavior of the members are followed.

  7. Forum Rules

    A set of rules and guidelines governing the activities of users on the forum. The rules are set by the administration of the forum. The rules are supplemented or amended as necessary at the discretion of the administration. Forum rules are mandatory, except when a particular rule is explicitly stated as a recommendation.

Account Registration
  1. Choosing nickname

    The choice of nickname is the exclusive right of the user, but there are some restrictions. The administration reserves the right to take action to stop the use of a nickname if its use violates generally accepted moral and ethical standards or offends other forum users.

    1. Nicknames may not contain the site address and obscene language, repeat nicknames of other forum members to the point of confusion. It is also forbidden to use character sets (for example: 111222, 6677889, sdsdssd, adsaewe, etc.)
    2. It is forbidden to use symbols and slogans in nicknames/avatars/signatures/banners that can be ambiguous or violate the rules of the forum. For example: various types of swastikas, religious symbols, military signs, as well as propaganda of drugs, alcohol and unhealthy lifestyle in any form. Users who violate this rule will be sent a private message with a recommendation to change their avatar/banner or signature.
General Rules
  1. 1. Insults/flooding/conflicts/content

    It is forbidden to insult members of the forum, flood, incite conflicts, duplicate content, post the same messages and try to attract traffic from this forum to your own projects without the consent of the administration.

    • Offtop - posts that are not related to the topic of discussion and do not carry associative semantic load.
    • Spam - duplicate messages, which also often do not carry semantic load.
  2. 2. Public discussion staff actions

    Public discussion of forum team members' actions without sufficient grounds (violation of forum rules) and non-constructive criticism of the forum is prohibited. Attempts to continue a discussion suppressed by a moderator by opening a new thread are considered public discussion of actions and are suppressed accordingly.

  3. 3. Expressions in posts

    It is forbidden to post aggressive or abusive messages in comments or other posts:

    • Aggressive messages: Aggressive messages is defined as any words, phrases or comments that are intended to cause harm, fear or negative emotions to other participants in the discussion. This includes threats, insults, calls for violence, or any other form of behavior that may cause negative emotions.
    • Abusive messages: Offensive messages is defined as words, phrases, or comments that demean, insult, discriminate, or violate the honor and dignity of other community members. This includes racist, sexist, homophobic and other discriminatory language.
  4. 4. Copying topics

    To ensure order, ease of navigation and discussion on our forum, copying of existing topics to different sections is prohibited. We appreciate your initiative and strive to create the best conditions for information exchange and communication. This rule will help us to maintain a structured and clear content on the forum.

  5. 5. Charity

    It is forbidden to post messages or threads that make an appeal for charity for a specific recipient, if that recipient is not a member of this project or community. In order to post such appeals, you must first obtain permission from the project administration. This rule is put in place to provide control and assurance that such appeals are legitimate and consistent with the goals and standards of this forum. We appreciate kindness and desire to help, but such actions should be coordinated with the project participants and administration to avoid possible misunderstandings and unfair use of resources.

  6. 6. Content size limitations

    It is forbidden to post large blocks of code or text, as well as large images without using special tags [CODE] and [SPOILER]. These tags are used to organize and facilitate the perception of content on the forum.

    • [CODE]: is intended for inserting large blocks of code or text to preserve the readability and structure of the information.
    • [SPOILER]: is designed to hide large images or other content that may be sloppy or interfere with the visual experience of the page. Users can expand the contents of the [SPOILER] tag as desired.

    These measures help keep the forum information clean and understandable, and ensure ease of navigation for all members. Violation of this rule may result in content removal or other action as provided for in the forum rules.

  7. 7. Political discussions

    Discussing political topics in any form on the forum, as well as posting symbols, logos or information related to political parties, politicians or political organizations in signatures, pictures, profiles or any posts is prohibited. This rule is in place to maintain a neutral and safe forum environment and to prevent conflicts related to a user's political views. Violation of this rule may result in the removal of the content in question and other measures as provided for in the forum rules.

  8. 8. Distribution of illegal software

    It is forbidden to post messages that contain links to sites that offer illegal software, including cracked, quackable programs, serial numbers and other unlicensed resources. It is also prohibited to post links to sites with such content. This rule is in place to ensure security and compliance with software and copyright laws.